25 Temmuz 2017 Salı

For Sale initiative on Electronic Software Sector seda elektronik

CONTACT US : +905412626900  or   d.nacikaya@gmail.com
Since 2010 the electronics kit is for sale at sedelektronik.com which is developing products in circuit and software industry. This initiative produces intelligent devices, electronic circuits that provide device / machine control from computers. All the production files (source code pcb) of the products on the site are included in the price list. Control programs will be provided with basic source codes. All the products in our hand will be given. The pcb files are eagle and expresspcb dir. The company information we will work with for production will be given. Anroid market and apple store market will be given b4x codes for publishing applications.
Included in VAT. Corporations or individuals are billed. Other taxes belong to the buyer.
Detailed information about products can be accessed on Sedaelektronik.com website. All categories of products can be accessed through the categories menu.
Biembilgisayar.com (This site is part of the initiative and will be provided free of charge)
Product categories:
Usb port relay control circuits
Android relay control products
Ethernet relay control cards
Gsm relay control cards
Temperature humidity measurement circuits
Broadcast mobile apps (for gsm products)
The price of this enterprise is 3.500.000 TL. (1.000.000 USD) Included in VAT.  Other taxes belong to the buyer. CONTACT US : +905412626900 or   d.nacikaya@gmail.com